Episode 95 · 4 months ago

Brand Fandom with Savannah Cherry from Slingshot


Why do we buy branded things? Does Dr. Pepper really need our money from tee-shirts? Or is it really important that we have that cup from Etsy that has some logo on it from a brand only we know?

No, and YES.

Brand Fandom is more than just a group of loyal customers; they are people who are emotionally and financially invested in a particular brand. As well as they are known to be particularly devoted. Fostering such a relationship with your own customers is advantageous to your brand’s strategy.

With us today is Savannah Cherry from Slingshot. Savannah is the marketing director at Slingshot a software and app development company based in Louisville, KY. Savannah has a favorite YouTube channel (Savannah will share her favs, but I have noted: Good Mythical Morning) and other brands she follows, so as an example she joins us to share about those with us nerds and our favorite brands we buy and invest in.

Let’s start with Savannah discussing Slingshot and their podcast Founders Fable.

Thoughtful question: What digital market channels work best for brands selling their swag?

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