Episode 103 · 5 months ago

E103: Business Networking Part 1


On this episode of the NerdBrand podcast, we revisit some basics about networking. What networking is for and not for. Brand Awareness locally should be a priority. Not selling.

When you meet someone, you have to remember. They are thinking:

“What are you going to ask to take something away from me, or give to me?”

Suggestions before you go out to an event:

  •  Arrive in a good mood and well-rested.
  •  Do not arrive with any expectations other than meeting people and learning what they do.
  • Do not offer a card unless asked.
  • Do not"pitch" unless invited to(hopefullyyou'reengagingenoughthatthey are curious to ask). And if you do, try to get a coffee meeting later or find a more private spot.Pro-tip: work hard on your pitch BEFORE the event. Read the room, and find ways to discuss yourself as briefly as possible.

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