Episode 104 · 5 months ago

E104: Business Networking Part 2


On this episode of the NerdBrand podcast we are following up from part 1 with the question: “Does business networking work?”

There are a lot of opinions out there on this one. Some strongly say NO, Others say yes, and firmly believe in it. Then there are the few that say “meh”.

We dive into these pros and cons or opinions and discuss -

Does it work?

Not for "sales" or as a business strategy for revenue growth. Why or why not?

Protip: Use networking to build rapport and enhance relationships by having conversations with like minded contacts, sharing ideas and finding common interests. Then if they are curious, you have an invitation for discussing your services.

Review your time, and where you are financially. But if you do it right, and pick your events, contacts you want to talk to will show up to hire you, and not drain you seeking a referral.

Protip: If the prospect says, “This reminds me of .... “ Jump ship. Not a prospect. You do not fit something new into something that is old. Zero Curiosity.

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