Episode 108 · 2 months ago

E108: Sales Tips Series: Part 2 - How to introduce yourself.


On this episode of the NerdBrand podcast we've heard the term nurture your leads a lot. This has disappeared from vocabulary lately. It's just "get MOAR sales!"

But you could be sitting on top of that big win under your nose. Today let’s discuss a couple of things about sales as we wrap up our two-part series.

If you liked this series and want us to cover more ground on sales such as cold calling, prospecting on social, in-person events to attend that drive sales. Just let us know in the comments.

  1. Don't place high expectations on anyone, treat your contacts as your lead sources, not your actual leads. If they want to work directly with you, they’ll ask. You’re in front of them already.
  2. Your current customers are your brand advocates. Ask them for a referral. We're all friends aren't we? Curiosity is a powerful tool for sales. It is not invasive or high pressure. Merely gives the person a moment to ponder, “Is that the need John Doe really needs, or should I just introduce them?”

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