Episode 109 · 2 months ago

E109: Brands that have simplified


On this episode of the NerdBrand Podcast, we’re discussing brands that have simplified their look. Some may call it De-branding.

The meaning is about how mobile devices have forced designers to change how brands are presented. Particularly their logos. With less space, comes greater priority. (yes, that’s a joke.)


● Dunkin’● Dominos● LittleCaesars

Also - BONUS:

Brands you’ve never heard of because they’re not b2c. So think conglomerate. Not a single corporation. Shell’s 9 Billion is pennies compared to these guys.

McKesson (healthcare) Revenues: $66.1 billion

McKesson is the seventh-largest company in the U.S. in terms of annual revenue, but it’s one you might overlook unless you’re in the healthcare field or visit the pharmacy frequently.

Marathon Petroleum Revenues: $38.26 billion

Marathon Petroleum is a massive integrated energy company based in Findlay, Ohio. Across its 16 refineries, the company has the capacity to produce more than 3 million barrels of crude oil per day, making it the largest refining system in the nation.

Exelon (power) Revenues: $36.35 billionExelon is one of the largest power generators in the U.S., operating in 48 states;

CHS (farming) Revenues: $38.4 billionCHS is a massive agribusiness cooperative owned by farmers and local

cooperatives across the U.S.

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