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Happy Nerd-o-ween! Marketing Lessons From Horror Movies!


Would you like to play a game? Would you like to listen to a podcast? This Episode is on marketing lessons we can learn from horror movies! For this episode, we’re talking scary and spooky marketing strategy. How can you join the fun this season as a brand? The world can be a scary place, learn from these horror movies! There are movies we watched and remember that’s created franchises. Franchises are Brands. It’s a stretch maybe, but if you are making movies, selling Merchandise, and have a fan devotion. You’re a Brand. But what makes a great horror movie? People, Places, Things. Let's discuss some of the things that make up a horror movie strategy you'll need to create a brand around. Annabelle - People are scared of dolls. This taught us about viral marketing. The doll was placed in subways and other locations. (source: What ideas can you think of to creatively promote your brand? We can help brainstorm with you and make it happen. Hereditary - People are scared of old people. Marketing lesson: Teaches us to not TRICK our audiences. See what I did? Be honest about expectations. Your brand's story and product quality should shine through and be enough. Don't over promise and under deliver! (source: IT - People still hate clowns. Marketing lesson: Merchandise, get yer Merch! Picking branded apparel or merchandise can be overwhelming. What do I buy? What would my prospects and customers like? We spend a lot of time discussing this and making suggestions. (source: Orphan - People are scared of children First of all, this is kind of a true story. The second, as a marketing lesson: Controversy isn’t a strategy. The old saying of "any press is free press" or whatever, is not true. The message is everything, and it's what we do. So careful what you say, and how you say it. (source: The color BLUE and other tricks to scare you. Final marketing lesson: Color choices matter Everything is in most horror movies is a blue-ash hue color. Color makes us feel things. What do you see when looking at Blue, Greens, Yellows, or Reds placed on certain items? To sum up, a strategy is to pick out what you want to do, say, and then the visuals like colors, and art to support your efforts in promoting your brand. But make sure you first get down your why, because passion is contagious! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:

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