Episode · 7 months ago

Mastering Authentic Marketing


On this episode of the NerdBrand podcast we talk about avoiding your consumer's BS meter.

Authentic marketing actually requires you, the marketer, to be a fan of the services or product you are marketing. Without that connection, marketing efforts can be inauthentic in which the audience could pick up on, and ignore the brand entirely.

Branding sets the stage for creating that connection for the marketers because of how the brand looks, sounds, and feels to them. Therefore inspiring creative and effective marketing campaigns.

Also, as a bonus we discuss “fast-vertising” (a term Reynolds coined), which involves treating real-time cultural moments as a springboard, to build their own brand buzz. Rapid deployment of your ads is related to this method, which can create authentic moments, but be careful as not everything is humorous, or timely. Essentially READ THE ROOM.

For example: The Peloton ad (in response to the Me Too movement) was 72 hours from conception to production complete for distribution.

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