Episode 96 · 4 months ago

The difference between a “trend” and a “fad” with guest Dr. Emmanuel Probst


Dr. Emmanuel Probst counsels brands on how to grow and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. In his book, Brand Hacks , he explains how to build brands by fulfilling people’s quest for meaning.

One of the most telling differences between a trend and a fad tends to be how fast something gains momentum. Fads fade away quickly after burning bright, but a trend often gains prominence and momentum over years and become a part of daily life.

For example:

1) Logo adaptability is a “trend” now in branding.

2) Eco-friendly branding

Eco-friendly brands are dropping earthy tones and images of nature. Instead, many are defining their brand with more personal, conceptual, and on-the-pulse artwork that will hook eco-friendly buyers.

3) Consumer Rights & Privacy

People are becoming more and more concerned with how their information is accessed and used. This has evolved into a strong trend that’s significantly altered public policy decisions in the EU, Canada, California, Virginia, etc.

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